About Us

Mom’s Kitchen was started by an entrepreneur who is inherently passionate about authentic food cuisines and serving the same wholeheartedly. Primarily this is the reason why we are popular by our signature punch line that we serve food which is “seasoned with a dash of love".

The company is primarily lead by Siddhi Khajuria and her team since 2012, when it was founded. Over 14 years of rich experience in the hospitality industry, Siddhi is qualified in the field of Hotel Management from an American Institution. She is a recipient of an internationally acclaimed award for best academic performance in the year 2009 by the American Hotel and Lodging Association. She also is well travelled worldwide which enriches her contribution to the variety and authenticity of the global cuisine in the menu. Our food is prepared by professional chefs who are experts and qualified in their respective cuisines. We have served over 30000+ guests by now in over 200+ events. We have made substantial community of valued and loyal clientele from renowned groups of Rajkot, nearby areas and also some of our clients are from the overseas. We have grown our business so far only by word of mouth recommendations of our work and nothing else apart from God’s grace.

Our Vision

We aim to consistently raise our benchmark by expanding the cuisine varieties and also improvising on our existing menu. We aim to accommodate to the fullest to all the customised needs of our individual guests for cent percent satisfaction. We treat all events, small or big alike, with equal weightage, importance and enthusiasm. We have always believed in catering to a wide range of clients from wedding events, to school events, to corporate events to private parties; and we intend to continue in the same way.

Our Mission

We aim to serve best quality of food wholeheartedly with no compromise in our services. We believe in not only serving our guests but also becoming part of their celebration. We aim at leaving long lasting good memories in the hearts of all our guests regarding our food and services.

Our Values

Respect,integrity and transparency in dealing with all our clients, vendors and employees.

The cuisine varieties that we serve range from Gujarati, Kathiawadi, North Indian, South Indian, Rajasthani to authentic Oriental dishes, Mediterranean cuisine, Continental, Thai , Mexican and Italian varieties. We aim to present our food as creatively and uniquely as we can. We also cater through wide variety of live counter stations for main course, desserts, sweets, hot and cold beverages.

Most of our loyal customers depend on us for arranging everything for them with regards to serving food and choosing varieties also.
We believe in offering more than the guest expects in each event.